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The Fox and Stone Shopify Website Design

How we increased sales through the shopper’s user experience!

About The Fox and Stone

The Fox and Stone is a luxury jewelry company run by husband and wife team, Jared and Jeana Rushton. They have the most beautiful raw gemstone jewelry for women (and men) who like something a little more unconventional. It’s absolutely stunning. You can work with them to create one of a kind custom pieces of jewelry or shop their store for ready to ship or made to jewelry.


 Isn’t this ring from The Fox and Stone gorgeous?

Isn’t this ring from The Fox and Stone gorgeous?

The Challenge:

When they came to us they had a beautiful brand and website. They had hired a talented brand designerthe previous year and they had poured hours into creating their own website on Shopify.

But it wasn’t working as well as they had hoped. They wanted more traffic and more sales to their online store. They were frustrated because it felt like people were either not finding them at all or coming to their site and leaving immediately.

The Process:

The first step was to do an Online Shop Audit on their store to pinpoint the issues and come up with a strategy to fix those problem areas. The big problem areas for their website was that it was a little overwhelming because there are so many options for shoppers. The next biggest problem was that it was really hard to find things within the store because there really wasn’t a way to sort through all the products, and because everything in their shop is one of a kind, there are a lot of products.

The Solution:

The first thing we tackled was the lack of filtering. Adding filters to an online store isn’t hard but it does take time, you typically have to go through every product add new tags and variations. Because they use Shopify we were able to add an app from the Shopify App Store to fix this problem. Since we had to touch every product they offer to add these changes, we were also able to tweak the product titles and descriptions for better search engine optimization.

Next, we focused on simplifying the homepage. It’s important to keep your homepage focused on the goals of your website. So many times we see that shop owners and business owners put all the possible options on their homepages thinking that more options are better. But this actually causes your shoppers to get totally overwhelmed and sometimes they spend all their checking out the options without actually buying anything or just clicking away immediately.

We also used this time to simplify the main navigation. Your navigation bar should really only include the most important things people need to shop at your site. All of the little details that aren’t critical to purchasing your product should go in the footer links.

The Results:

A lot of websites improvement don’t happen overnight, however, these changes on The Fox and Stone website almost instantly improved sales. This is because they already have good traffic coming to the shop, we just made it easier for those shoppers to find the items they wanted to buy.

When compared to the previous month’s sales the total numbers of orders increased and the overall conversion increase by about 40%.

There’s also been an influx of customers who are finding The Fox and Stone through search due to the improvements we make to product titles and descriptions. Since we updated every product this will continue to grow and bring more traffic to the shop and ultimately lead to more sales.

How improve sales on your Shopify website. Alexander Design Co.

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