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Building an Online Shop with Slow and Steady Growth with Angie Clay

On this episode of The Product Powerhouse Podcast we are chatting with Angie Clay from Liberate + Lather.

Angie is a notebook and paper junkie, bargain shopping enthusiast, natural hair lover and wandering nomad. Making the most out of fat, by turning it into creamy, body-loving, smell goods, AKA soap that fuses perfectly with a hot shower. She's an avid journal writer and have been doing the practice for the last 25 years. Self-care is a huge piece of creating a healthy life style. And she has been able to implement this into Liberate and Lather “Journaling for Self-Care” community where women learn to express themselves and solve issues by using journaling as a way to explore and let go of things that hold them back from truly living their best lives. The bathing experience is just one part of the wellness journey.

Business owners need to know "that we make mistakes, it's a process." -Angie Clay

In this episode we talk about…

  • Some of the transitions her business has been through in the last several years
  • How's she's been able to weaver together two things she really enjoys, journaling and creating luxury bath products, into a wholistic approach to self-care
  • White labeling her products to support other businesses and working behind the scenes
  • Connecting with other brands
  • Working through growth and steps she has to take to continue to grow her business slow and steady
  • The online trap of comparing yourself to other people
  • Learning through every mistake and "failure" as a business owner
  • The importance of delegating and systemizing so your business can scale

We also talk a lot about journaling for personal growth and business success as way to learn from wins and mistakes alike.

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Show Notes

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